RAN Innovation provides services for NPL management through the whole life cycle: from the purchasing phase, to the managing phase, with the optimization of the internal management processes, converting strategic information into operating plans


In a dynamic and evolved environment, cooperating and sharing information are ingredients for an agile and flexible organization. The need of interacting in a quick and safe manner is a shared requirement for many companies in very different industries. RAN Innovation supports companies in designing the more efficient and economical collaboration solution, combining the Microsoft SharePoint platform with the expertise and skills of its experts. We design collaboration portal (internet/intranet/extranet) and Information Management that increase the company output, ease the content and information access and facilitate the management.


It is a management system dedicated to credit collection. LawRAN is based on SharePoint system, a platform that creates complex and performing websites for internal purpose (intranet) to manage and share information, ease connection among users and creating a network of professional contacts. LawRAN was created with a team of attorneys skilled in credit collection and it can manage both the early (return and debt collection plan) and late (with procedural deadlines) collection.


Management system ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) fast and flexible to implement, complete and easy to use.
The platform eases and optimize the company processes and manages all the company areas. It is powerful, convenient and tailored on peculiar business needs. Advantages: performances increase, integration with Office;
We study the perfect solution to ease the integration between our services and your processes, tailoring your requirements.


We study the perfect solution to facilitate the integration between our services and your processes, tailoring your requirements.


Intelligence workflow management

RAN Innovation offers consultancy services in intelligence management processes. Thanks to the innovation in office automation sector, RAN Innovation analyzes business processes and applies and intelligence and automatic management, using algorithm tailored around the customer. The models are dynamic and they can self-increase their own knowledge, becoming more and more performing.


Data Remediation

The information improvement activity is related to specific variables necessary to the NPL and it introduces the portfolio evaluation for subsequent transfer/management operations.


Portfolio evaluation

The portfolio evaluation activity combines the analysis (that identifies the portfolio segmentation) and the model creation (to enhances the segments) phases.


Portfolio management

The management activity is developed through the LawRAN platform and a team of skilled attorneys.


Strategy for NPL Management

The strategy activity analyses the credits and identify the more efficient strategy, dividing the portfolio and leading the client to the efficient management of credit collection.


Business Intelligence

BI activity offers technological models and instruments for monitoring of internal processes, increasing of performances and costs cutting.


Corporate Performance Management

CPM provides the analysis of company performance evolution to the Top Management, creates analysis scenario (such as “What if-scenario”) and develops budgeting and forecasting activities. It guarantees the tracking of information with drill-down analysis and provides financial data reporting. Ran Innovation develops tailored solution for management processes.

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